Online store with payment solution

$ 1.139

Do you dream of starting an online store? I will help you set up an online store with payment solutions. I will help you set up your store so you can sell products or services online.


Setup of online store with payment solution. Satisfaction guaranteed. You only pay when you have received and are satisfied with the product!

The package includes:

arrow Registration of domain name according to your wishes.
arrow Oppsett av Personlig hjemmeside (WordPress + WooCommerce)
arrow Hjelp og instruksjoner så du etterhvert kan redigere innhold og produkter selv
arrow Responsive design - Optimized for mobile, tablet and laptop.
arrow Additional modules such as contact form etc.
arrow Betalingsløsning for Visa/ Mastercard/ Vipps ++
arrow Automatic backup (backup)
arrow Security certificate


With focus on:

check Ease of use
check Reasonable prices
check Personal service and support




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