Building a successful online store

Figuring out how to start an online store can be a big challenge. There are many questions; Where do you sell? How do you get customers? Where do you plan to market your products? Which e-commerce solution do you choose?


Idea and vision. It all usually starts with an idea. What do you want to sell? What visions do you have? Det hele starter som regel med en ide. Hva vil du selge? Hvilke visjoner har du? 

Find a good domain name.If the purpose of your company is only to run the online store, you may be able to use your company name. Especially if it is known and suitable for the products or services you are going to sell. If not, be sure to check if the name you choose is available. Search online and check in various registers whether the name is taken or not.

Choice of company type. If you are going to trade in Norway, you must register your company. Are you going to choose a sole proprietorship, or limited liability company? It costs more to set up a limited company, but there are some benefits, such as social benefits such as sickness benefits and unemployment benefits. If you run a sole proprietorship, on the other hand, you take all the financial risk yourself.

Effective marketing.Without customers no sales. To get customers to your online store, it is possible to use several channels. Search engine optimization (SEO), social media, link building and newsletters are all fields you can work with to get visitors to your site. Many people believe that email marketing is the most effective way to get more sales. You may want to build a personal relationship with your customers. Good customer service often leads to customers coming back and buying more.


Make it exclusive to receive newsletters like great deals and access to the latest news in your field. Create attractive content. Come up with interesting information about the products you sell. Social media is also a way to gain new customers. Unfortunately, it is not possible with as much free distribution as before. Facebook will make money and this means that you have to pay more to reach their users. Marketplaces such as and Amazon, Ebay are also possible to use.

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