Hvordan bygge en søkevennlig nettside?

Since Google accounts for more than 90% of global organic search traffic, it is important to take a few simple steps that increase the chances of ending up higher in their search results. Here are some tips to make your site more search friendly.

Make your URLs user-friendly

While the structure of the URLs may not be your top priority, it is still very important. Make sure you have simple and unique addresses for each page.


Avoid duplicate content

Equal content on different pages can lead to SEO problems, which will penalize your rankings. This especially applies to internal duplicates.



Create an XML Sitemap

The sitemap helps search engines understand the structure of the site as they crawl it. When you submit more data to Google, you can also determine the pages that are most important and valuable to you and give them priority.


Responsive design

Make the website compatible for all devices. The website and content must be optimized for all types of devices and provide a good user experience. The website must be as nice on mobile as on laptop or desktop PC. 

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